Reflections from the Field

Rachel Henriquez, a veterinary student from the University of Florida was given the opportunity to serve on her first short-term trip with CVM in July to the Navajo.

Rachel was kind enough to answer some questions for us!

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How Beautiful the Mountains

By: Dr. Kelly Crowdis, CVM Fieldstaff serving in Haiti

One of my primary purposes in going to Haiti was to train and help prepare vet professionals to go and help people in the countryside.  When I first arrived here in 2006, it was the biggest culture shock of all. I was assaulted by the crowds, the heat, and the smell of burning garbage. It was chaos.

In the second year I was here I had somebody steal stuff out of my house, I was exposed to rabies, and I contracted Dengue fever. I would get around 30 phone calls per day and 10 email messages with vet problems from missionaries around the country, or from a Haitian friend who had a crisis. I was burning both ends of the candle and it was very overwhelming. CVM would call and ask how I was and because of the way I was raised, I would say that things were great. I would ask them to please pray for this ministry or these people, but I never said, “Can you pray for me?”

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CVM Apprenticeship Program

Are you a “missions-minded” vet student in your 2nd,  3rd or 4th year of vet school? Do you have 4 weeks available to serve on the field? Do you want to receive hands-on training/one-on-one mentoring from a CVM Long-Term Field Worker? If so, then CVM’s Missions Apprenticeship Program may be for you!

Applications to the Apprenticeship must be received by October 1st in order to be considered for 2018.

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