3D Gospel | Part 1

By: Dr. Karen Stoufer

All of us want to learn how to be more effective as Christ’s ambassadors to those who do not yet know Him.  When taking the gospel to those of another culture, whether overseas or right here in diverse America, we want to avoid an “American” or “Western” style presentation of the gospel that may not be understood or accepted by those of another culture or worldview. 

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A Week in the Life of the Woolseys

By: Helen Woolsey, CVM Fieldstaff in Mongolia

We have many friends serving across the world right now, and when I (Helen) think of them, I always wish I could sit down over a cup of coffee (latte, actually) and hear what their lives are like. I love to hear the big stories of God’s faithfulness and see the pictures, but I would really like to know just what life is like for them every day. I decided some of you might be curious what that is like for us, now 9 months into living here, so grab your coffee, tea, OJ, or latte, and join me in ‘A Week in the Life of the Woolseys!’

The Non-Government Organization, V.E.T.Net, that we are associated with here has a large office in a separate location than the veterinary clinic that Justin works at. But, every morning all the V.E.T.Net staff begins their day with devotion time at the main office. Sometimes this time is a staff sharing a testimony or prepared devotion, sometimes it is a prayer time, and once a week there are small groups that meet. Justin begins each day this way at 8am, and then when it is over around 9 he gets a ride to the clinic with the other clinic staff. The kids and I go to this devotion time twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays. We do this to grow relationships and be a part of the V.E.T Net family, but can’t go everyday as it would take too much homeschool time.

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By: Dr. Kelly Crowdis, CVM Fieldstaff in Haiti

January 12th was the seventh anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.  Some days it’s a lifetime ago and others just like yesterday. Life was irrevocably changed in 36 seconds.  The horror and loss were beyond description but there was also blessing.

One of the common things people say here after you’ve done something for them is, I hope God will bless you more. And my common response is He can’t bless me anymore than He already has.  I’m healthy and have a beautiful family. I have been given two extra chances at life.

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