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Speakers and Topics

This year we have a great line up of fantastic speakers that will be leading tracks! Check out the information below.

Shortcourse Speakers and Topics

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  • Spiritual Retreat "Encounters with Jesus"


      This is open to all attendees but it is preceeding Shortcourse. Arrive Monday evening after 4pm, starting with dinner at 5:30pm. Additional registration fee includes Monday evening and Tuesday housing and meals.

      "My relationship with the Lord was strengthened. . . . I never knew the impact that sacred paintings could have on my spiritual growth."  ~Janet, a Praying with Art (PWA) retreatant
      This retreat is a time to listen and respond to God, using masterpieces of devotional art, along with Scripture, as companions in prayer. Art masterpieces of Dieric Bouts, Jan Vermeer, and the Master of the Housebook (an anonymous German artist) will be our prayer partners.

      Participants receive a copy of each art piece and reflection suggestions.  There will be group sharing along with ample time for individual contemplation and journaling.  Scripture and art in tandem provide an opportunity to nurture faith from “the inside out”—to experience sacred art as “art for faith’s sake”—the purpose for which it was originally painted.  Art invites us to stop and listen, to listen with our hearts, as well as our minds, facilitating a holistic response to God.

      Our retreat facilitator is Rev. Louise Holert, a native of Seattle, and an actively retired Presbyterian minister.  She has served as a teacher, special term missionary in Cairo, Egypt, Christian education director, associate pastor and associate director of a Presbyterian ministry to international students.



  • Vets with Debt


      This is open to veterinarians and their spouses. You must pre-register and bring a suggested donation of $100 to CVM to the session.

      Details to come.


  • Student Debt Seminar


      This is open to veterinary students. You must pre-register and bring a donation to CVM to the session.

      Details to come.


  • Orientation to Veterinary Long-term Missions


      This is our long-term track for vets, vet techs and spouses.
      For anyone considering long term cross cultural mission service in the next 1-10 years. Topics covered include marriage, singleness and raising children overseas; how to discern a calling, how to find a location, how to approach support-raising, what training and preparations are recommended, and question/answer sessions with both current and former veterinary missionaries.


  • Veterinary Mental Health and Resilience

    • This is open to workplace ministry and short-term missions track participants.
      Dr. Christina Tolman, an ER veterinarian with 13 years professional experience, former director of Student Outreach for CVM, and currently a candidate for a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling, is well-acquainted with the stresses veterinary professionals and their staff experience.  We’ve heard that veterinarians have the highest rate of suicide among the health professions and as Christians we may have wondered how we can respond to these statistics. Dr. Tolman can help us to put together the background, facts and figures as well as what resilience is and how we can improve our own resilience as well as that of our colleagues and staff.


  • Reflective Listening in Time of Emotional Intensity

    • This is open to workplace ministry and short-term missions track participants.
      Dr. Tolman will present a discussion of Emotional Intelligence/Conflict-management, what reflective listening is, how to do it, how it can be helpful, and how it can help us help our patients as well as Biblical support for this technique.


  • Security Concerns in Long and Short-term Missions

    • This is open to all attendees.
      A veterinarian with 15 years’ experience with military preventive health and security around the world will share tips to help all of us when we travel.


  • Basics of Short-term Missions

    • This is open to short-term missions track participants.
      What do I need to go? How do I decide where to go? Should I raise financial and prayer support? How would I prepare for a trip? Can a small animal vet/vet tech be of any use? What about a university professor?  Can my spouse come with me?   Come and get the answers to all your questions as well as these with CVM’s Short term Missions Coordinator, Tracy Rubstello, and several experienced shortterm trip leaders.


  • Teaching Veterinary Students in Resource-Poor Settings

    • This is open to all attendees.
      An expert in international veterinary medicine will share his experiences with us.


  • Compassion Fatigue

    • This is open to workplace ministry track participants.
      Worn out & at risk: the impact of compassion fatigue on veterinary medicine & the Christian walk will be shared by Dr. Alicia McLaughlin.  
      Veterinary medicine can be an exceptionally difficult profession to endure emotionally. Compassion fatigue is a real danger, and negatively impacts both physical and spiritual health if left unrecognized and uncontested. Learn how to identify the symptoms of this serious condition, along with strategies to protect your heart while remaining sensitive to your clients and patients



  • Sufficient for the Task at Hand


      This is open to workplace ministry track participants.
      Dr. Ben McLaughlin will share about the “imposter syndrome”, which causes affected individuals to feel unqualified for their role, influences many high-performing people, including veterinarians. Although not called by this name, this syndrome can be seen in the Bible. Come learn about imposter syndrome and how recognizing it can benefit you as a veterinarian and as a Christian.