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Melissa White, CVT

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"To the Ends of the Earth"


Who I Am

Melissa grew up in Oregon, where she received a degree in veterinary technology. She also has a Bachelor's in Biblical studies from Taylor University and a Masters of Business in international Economic development from Eastern University. From 2008-2013 she served with CVM in Mongolia as an advisor to a small national NGO with an outreach to normadic herders. In 2015 she transitioned to India where she currently runs training programs and outreach to farmers.

My Work

Melissa is currently working with rural farmers in the Himalayan foothills region of West Bengal India. She has partnered with a national NGO and local church to provide animal health training to villagers, and to distribute livestock to needy families through a revolving loan program. Her long term vision is to establish a demonstration and training farm to equip young people to succeed economically and be leaders and lights in their communities.


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