Our Values

- CHrist-Centered

All activities have the primary purpose of proclaiming, modeling and glorifying our Lord, Jesus Christ as Savior to our world.

- Relationship and Partnership

We seek partnerships based on shared values, which empower all members toward building sustainable ministry.

- Integrity and Accountability

We will responsibly use and manage all of the human, natural and financial resources of our own organization and strive to build this strength in all of our relationships.

- Servant Leadership / Service

We will model the servant heart of Christ through motivating, mentoring, discipling, empowering and communicating with others within our organization, our partners and to those whom we serve.

- Training that Sustains

CVM promotes participatory training through which individuals work to identify their training needs and are empowered to ongoing physical and spiritual growth in their relationships with God, themselves, their families and their communities.

- Veterinary Focus

The skills and knowledge of veterinary medicine are used to transform lives.

- Equitable Participation

CVM desires to work with all individuals who desire to be involved by encouraging their full commitment, recognizing their gifts and abilites, and seeking the most appropriate application of their skills to the Lord's work through CVM.

- Transformation through Holisitic Sustainable Development

The goal of our work is the transformation of individuals, groups and communities through balanced ministry to spiritual, physical, mental, social and ecological needs.