The Yoke of Victory

By: Dr. Heidi Pulito

A few months ago, I hit an all-time career low point.  I had a few cases that, despite my best efforts, did not turn out well. I cried out to God for Him to allow these patients to pull through, but they continued to worsen. I turned from asking for healing, to asking for a new case that would give me and my clinic a victory to rally around. I remember His words clearly as he spoke to my heart after weeks of pleading, “Heidi, was My Victory not enough?”

This was one of those moments where God hits me so hard with His simple yet profound truth that I just wanted to crawl up into a little ball and plant my palm right smack in the middle of my forehead!

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Rejoicing in Imbalance

By: Dr. Dean A. Hendrickson

I must admit that I am probably not a great example for what the “world” would call balanced. I spend more time with work that I probably should, I don’t pay as much attention to how my work is affecting my family, and I don’t spend enough time checking in with God to see if I am in the right place. It is interesting that when you are asked to write on a topic you start to see all of the ways that you are probably struggling with it.

Wikipedia defines Work/Life Balance as: “a concept including proper prioritizing between ‘work’ (career and ambition) and ‘lifestyle’ (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation).” It is related to the idea of lifestyle choice and it looks different to everyone.

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Do You Ever Have Those Moments?

By: Stephen Cowden, CVM E-Learning Coordinator

Do you ever have those moments when the darkness of the world seems overwhelming? Do you know that helpless feeling when the loneliness, fear, and hatred in the world seem to negate the work of the peacemakers? Do you know those times when Jesus’ promise that he has conquered the world (John 16:33) seems so far-fetched that you begin to doubt?

As one who serves in the CVM home office, I get to hear many encouraging reports about how the kingdom of God is growing. I also hear a lot about the immense needs and challenges of people around the world. I regularly recognize our helplessness, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. In fact, if we cling to our beliefs that God is sovereign and that God is love, these experiences can deepen our faith.

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