Finding God In The Strangest Places

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Edited6By: Dr. Kim Carney, serving in Bolivia

“Puedo aprender a hacerlo?”

Loosely translated from Spanish, this phrase asks the question; can I learn to do that?  On my journey with Christian Veterinary Mission in Bolivia, I have found this question to be the best and most appropriate to both listen for and ask.

One of the many qualities needed for mission work, be it short-term or long-term, is to be open-minded and always willing to learn. At times you need to unlock your inner five-year old and simply get curious. It can be illuminating for those learning and respectful for those you’re with. If you’re considering going on a mission, this blog post talks about some of the character qualities that may be helpful in your planning and praying.

I find that sharing skills from anything from how to perform an ovariohysterectomy, explaining a conjugation of a verb, or to organizing a Bible study are great ways to engage people, especially when the learning goes both ways!

God has given us the opportunity to teach and have a huge office space in the veterinary school at Gabriel Rene Moreno University, the largest public university in the largest city in Bolivia, with over 200 students starting the program every semester. The office is a fantastic place for students to just come hang out and chat, have Bible studies or even share a lunch.

Friends, this is such a wonderful way to model Christ’s love through veterinary medicine. Regardless of country or environment, our profession opens doors like no other using our shared love for animals as a bridge to the Gospel message. Yet while God has called veterinarians to service, much is required of those who remain home.

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The following story shows you the impact that veterinarians can have in places that for most seem out of reach.

Recently, a group of students began organizing a Wednesday movie afternoon, where we view popular films like “God’s Not Dead” and then discuss them. From this core group, students are finding their voice and asking faith questions that may otherwise be left unsaid. This is a tremendous blessing to me as I’m given the opportunity to guide and pray with young men and women who are searching for hope and willing to gain a deeper understanding about life and faith.


Without access to the veterinary school at the University, I fear that this Spirit filled opportunity may not have come to pass. It wasn’t what we had planned, and we certainly weren’t expecting to see movies with students as a path to the Gospel! Nonetheless, we are gratefully willing to learn and are simply thankful to a God that prepares our steps.

God is working through us and through our profession so that we have the chance to speak in to people’s lives, pray with them, learn their hearts and introduce them to a beautiful Savior.

So yes, we CAN all learn to do many new things! Who’d have thought a regular old mixed animal vet could be certified to teach English, talk through whole surgeries in another language or learn to use movie reviews as an outreach tool.

Please pray for us as we begin this new semester, and for the students. Specifically we ask that you pray for our continued favor at the University, and that students will continue to bring friends to find a place of peace in their busy days, and that we could be adequate vehicles of God’s grace to these developing professionals.

We want to challenge you to join with your professional colleagues in making a Kingdom impact through Christian Veterinary Mission. Whether it’s through service or your prayerful donation, we pray that Christ’s name be glorified.

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