What’s your Culture Type?

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By: Malia Drennan

Monday on the blog Dr. Karen Stoufer, shared about the three basic worldviews that address spiritual issues and a group’s primary response to sin in her post A Gospel for all Cultures.

She wrote, “In North America and Western Europe we tend to strongly focus on issues of guilt and innocence. Our human approach to wrong-doing or sin is to say, “I made a mistake” and to emphasize what the individual actually did. Our cultural solution is to right the wrong, seek justice and to impose punishments such as fines or incarceration.”

So I wasn’t shocked by the results that showed up in my inbox after taking the Culture Test from a North American perspective.

Your Group’s Culture Type is:
88.0% GUILT 12.0% SHAME 0.0% FEAR

And considering, the Culture Test measures a group’s primary response to sin – guilt, shame, or fear, it’s pretty obvious from the results that guilt comes out on top for me, which is exactly what is predicted for an Individualistic culture, such as my own.

Thus, the gospel emphasis for my North American culture focuses on the forgiveness of sins and restoring my innocence rather than say restoring my honor.

Curious as to what your culture type might be?

Or the culture type of somewhere you served short-term or long-term?

Take the Culture Test.

Interested in reading more about this topic and learning how to share the gospel in guilt, shame and fear cultures?

Check out the book – The 3D Gospel: Ministry in guilt, shame, and fear cultures by Jason Georges.

Watch the short video – Back to God’s Village.


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