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Christian Veterinary Mission has been sending veterinary professionals around the world to serve long-term for more than 30 years. Using their unique skills in veterinary medicine, they are able to reach areas around the world that traditional missionaries may not. Committing to long-term service overseas enables the veterinary professionals to make a lasting and sustainable impact in the lives of those living in the developing world. They work alongside local partners to provide training, animal healthcare, and encouragement to those they serve. Veterinary professionals are able to making a lasting impact because of their unique skill set.

CVM has had long-term veterinary professionals in countries of various regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The length of term varies from two to three years, with the possibility of extending beyond that time. Many long-term veterinarians were first involved in the short-term program. After seeing the need and the impact they were able to make, they signed up for longer-term assignments. Serving long-term is an excellent opportunity to use the skills the Lord has blessed you with, to serve His kingdom work as you feel His call leading your life.


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