Dr. Wendell & Jann Cantrell

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Who We Are

Wendell and Jann met in the 2nd grade in a tiny town in the Texas panhandle. Little did they know when posing for class photos that they would become soulmates for life. Wendell studied veterinary medicine while Jann studied Latin and education. They married midway through university in 1967. Seventeen moves, three overseas postings (one with the military and two with CVM), two kids, and seven grandkids later they are still together.

Our Work

Wendell and Jann began ministry with CVM in 1993 as East Africa Regional Director based out of Nairobi, Kenya. In that capacity Wendell travelled throughout East Africa encouraging and supporting other CVM fieldworkers. Wendell's next job with CVM began in 2000 serving as Outreach Director based out of Texas. In that capacity he represented CVM at professional meetings each year. In 2005, Wendell and Jann moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where he worked primarily with African Affiliates. In addition to CVM outreach ministry, Wendell wore several other hats including Foreign Resident Ambassador for BSF, biblical worldview training and advocacy, as well as spoiling 4 grandchildren who reside in Johannesburg. As of July 1, 2008, Wendell and Jann are back in Denton, Texas where Wendell has resumed his previous role as Professional Outreach Director.