CLIDE Consultancy


Located in Uganda

Community Livestock Integrated Development Consultancy


Who We Are

The Community Livestock-Integrated Development (CLIDE) Consultancy was founded in 2007 based on the work of CVM in NE Uganda. It is a nationally recognized NGO integrating the work of expatriate missionaries and Ugandan national staff. Representing Christ’s love for all, CLIDE seeks to empower community groups, churches and organizations for sustainable socio–economic transformation and wholistic healing through an integrated livestock development approach.

The CLIDE team is led by Ugandan veterinarian Dr. Moses Otim.

Our Work

CLIDE’s ministry focus is primarily among the Karamojong and Iteso people groups of NE Uganda. Other outreach programs also work with the Sabiny, Batwa, and Acholi of Uganda. Ministry staff are actively working in Moroto and Napak districts (Karamoja), Soroti district (Teso), and Uganda's capital city, Kampala. The team's emphasis is on Christ-centered community development, addressing both the physical and spiritual needs of hurting people.

Our Programs

In the areas where they work, CLIDE partners with local churches, development organizations, local governments, universities, and mission agencies to facilitate their ministry. The ministry programs take a multi-faceted approach to point people to Christ by serving local communities through agriculture and livestock-based development, child sponsorship (Timothy Project), ethno-veterinary research and training, HIV/AIDS education, micro-enterprise, university-based veterinary student mentorship, and peace and reconciliation work in this historically volatile region.


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