Dr. Kelly Crowdis

Haiti_Web.pngServing in Haiti

"S.U.S.T.A.I.N. Haiti"

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Who I Am

Dr. Kelly Crowdis has been serving long-term in Haiti for over 6 years. Life is always exciting in Haiti! Kelly feels blessed to be there and a small part of God's plan for Haiti. Take a look around and enjoy a glimpse of her daily life. She thanks you in advance for your prayers, as they are always needed. Please let her know how she can pray for you too.

My Work

Kelly's main ministry projects are working with the Give A Kid To A Kid project (check out the video below) and hosting short-term veterinary teams where they train veterinary agents and Haitian veterinarians as well as hold animal care clinics. Join Kelly and change a Haitian life while changing yours as God works in our lives.


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