Drs. Jonathan & Leanna Dohanich

Haiti_Web.pngServing in Haiti

"Loaves and Fish"


Who We Are

Jonathan has been working in Haiti on and off for the last ten years and lived in country for 15 months from 2000-01. He and Leanna met in veterinary school through CVM's student ministry, Christian Veterinary Fellowship. Following their marriage, and the arrival of two sons, Jarren and David, they applied to become long-term fieldworkers in Haiti. Currently, they are raising support through CVM to permanently move to Haiti and join other CVM staff there.

Our Work

We want to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to those we serve. We plan to become directly involved with sustainable development projects in Haiti. A great deal of potential exists in the area of using livestock to increase income and standards of living for the poor. Further, we would like to help train veterinary professionals and support them in their careers and ministries.

Our Partner

We are currently searching for a partner in Haiti. We are in the discernment phase of how to best use our God-given gifts to serve in Haiti.


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