Dr. Rick & Mary Ervin

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"Branching Out"

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Who We Are

Rick and Mary are from Mississippi: a Veterinarian and a Nurse. On a mission trip to China as they worked in separate areas they both felt the call to full-time missions. As the trip ended and they were back together they shared their hearts: they are supposed to be missionaries. Soon Rick and Mary were connected with CVM's Dr. Brad Frye who mentioned Nicaragua. As they prayed and waited on God's word they learned patience. They were ultimately able to say "Yes, God, we will go where you want us and tell others of your love and greatness."

Our Work

Their desire is to spread God's love through the country while empowering others to help themselves improve aspects of their lives such as health and nutrition. Hosting several small teams annually, Rick and Mary work in remote villages alongside lay trained health promoters with humans, animals, and crops. They include local pastors as they have a knowledge of the people and needs of their communities as they give their lives daily. They want others to see it is because of their faith that they serve God in Nicaragua.

Our Partner

The Ervins partner with Rancho Ebenezer, an organization that teaches self-sustaining agriculture to villagers with small acreage. Founded by Nicaraguan pastors they developed a program for people to become good stewards of the God given land and resources. They also work with Mahanaim Rehab Center for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts. This is a free faith-based program for those who have reached the lowest point possible in their lives. Their home church, The Orchard, partners in prayer, finances, love, and teams.


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