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Who We Are

Paul and Alicia Evans, along with their three children Isaac, Ethan, and Rachel, are serving with Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) in Zambia. They were first involved with CVM when Paul was a student at Auburn University and came back to work with CVM as international field staff after 12 years in private practice.  

Paul and Alicia both have a passion for serving others and doing what God calls them to do for their joy and His glory. Paul especially enjoys teaching and men’s discipleship ministry while Alicia has a heart for children and women’s ministry.

Our Work

Paul is working in Zambia as part of the veterinary outreach ministry of the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) teaching in rural bush areas to meet physical needs and encourage new church plants in those areas. He is also involved in discipleship within the UCZ and helping to form a district farmer’s cooperative in the area. While most of the veterinary work is agricultural in nature, he also works with government officials conducting canine spay/neuter clinics and rabies vaccination for public health.

Alicia is busy homeschooling Isaac and Ethan and also with several ministries from the home. She works with a single mothers sewing and gardening ministry as well as a baby formula ministry for HIV+ mothers. She has also begun a program coordinating education scholarships for a people in need she has identified through personal relationships.

Our Partner

The Evans are partnered in ministry with the United Church of Zambia.


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