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Who I Am

Jan and her husband Keith were raised in the rural community of Texhoma, Oklahoma. They were married right out of undergraduate school and went into the Military for two years. Keith then went to Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine. After his graduation he served another two years with the Army. They then joined a mixed animal practice in Marlow, Oklahoma for the next seven years. Keith went on a short-term Vet shuttle with CVM to Haiti in 1986. When he came back, Jan knew that his life had been touched by the Haitian people and their beautiful country. They felt the call of the Lord to serve in Haiti and went in June, 1987 as a family for two years. They and their sons felt that they could handle that and 26 years later they were still serving with the people in Haiti. Their lives were blessed and enriched with the love and support of not only their Haitian family, but also the special prayer and financial supporters throughout the world that made it possible for Jan and Keith to live and work in Haiti.

My Work

Jan's role over the past 26 years has been to come along side and support the work that the Lord had laid on her husband, Keith’s, heart. As of his passing her life has changed but she knows the Lord also has a special plan for her to carry out His will in her life.
Jan will continue to encourage and support some of the special projects going on in Haiti. She will host sewing groups to help the ladies in Merger with skills to better their lives. She will continue to teach a Sunday school class of first and second grade students at the International Church, Quisqueya Chapel, in Port-au-Prince. Jan will also be available to help Rhoda Beutler with some administrative tasks for regional Agriculture Conferences here in Haiti and to help Dr. Kelly Crowdis with some hosting duties for short term teams. She will continue to encourage, comfort and pray for the many lives that were touched by Keith’s service to the Lord.

My Partner

Vision de Siècle has had an evangelistic outreach in Merger de Sibert since 1997. It was founded by Pastor Johny Philippe and his wife Rosadite along with a few friends to meet the spiritual, social and economic needs of some of the most marginalized areas near the capital city, Port-au-Prince. They strive to work with the community through evangelism, animal health, technical training, community development and health to better serve and work in the community and surrounding area.  The Haiti CVM staff provides assistance, encouragement and support their vision and goals to serve the Lord in the Merger de Sibert community.


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