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Who We Are

Steve and Julie Henderson are from Longview, Texas. Steve grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma and is a machinist by trade as well as lifetime student of the Bible. Julie is a 1990 graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and had an equine specialty practice before they joined CVM as long-term field staff in 2009.

Our Work

Steve and Julie serve as associates for rural northern Mozambique, 1300 miles from the capital city Maputo, in a village called Nomba. They are working with local evangelists and new believers to bring the Good news of Jesus Christ to the Yao. Julie's focus is teaching natural medicines and a children's ministry to help the orphans in the village. Steve's focus is clean water and the Word.

Their biggest challenge in sharing Christ in Northern Mozambique is with history. Religion, both Islam and Christianity, have been used as a tool to oppress and control people. During the "colonial" period which lasted until 1975, children were withheld from having a secondary school education unless they were baptized into Catholicism. The Yao, being Muslim, kept their children out of school. In the Mosque preaching and prayers are done in Arabic which only the imams speak. Prayers to Allah may be purchased for a price, and the imam runs a prostitution house where teenage girls may also be purchased for a price. The witch doctor can put a curse on someone for a price. Most people in Mozambique have never heard the Truth of the free gift of salvation offered by Jesus Christ, and they don't trust "religious" people. This means that relationships are the only tools the Henderon's have to break down the walls.

Our Partner

Steve and Julie are serving as part of a team of missionaries called, "Good News for Africa."


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