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Who We Are

A friend introduced Scott to CVM where he was involved with the Loveline program. After practicing in PA for 25 years, Scott knew God was calling him to share what He had given me. Short term missions confirmed that calling.The Karpers are Christian development workers in one of the poorest countries of the world. They are living with the people and responding to their needs as they arise, bringing Christ's love to them through the work that they do, showing them how to make decisions that can effect their lives positively, and bringing comfort and hope into lives that are without.

Our Work

God called us to Honduras after Hurricane Mitch ravaged Central America. For 3 years we worked to rebuild houses and lives with the Miskito Indians in Wampusirpi. We helped them with their animals, and assisted in getting a seed jewelry project started. In 2002 we moved to Trujillo to do animal health care training. Scott works with the farmers who now have 1400 healthy cows. Diane works with the ladies in the village to develop their skills into marketable products which are sold in a local co-op. On-going projects: creamery, bakery, sewing,  jelly, fish farming, feed concentrate, grain distribution, vermaculture and clinic.

Our Partner

The Karpers are associated with a local development group, CASMennonito. They work with peasant groups throughout Honduras, and needed Scott and Diane to come help out with a cow project in the village of Guadalupe Carney in 2002. At the time, farmers had been given 150 cows, but didnt' know how to take care of them. Through the CVM classes, 450 farmers were trained over 9 years, and had over 2000 healthy cows.Farmers continue with their cows, but many are selling to plant African palms, the new cash crop here.


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