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Who We Are

In the early 1990’s Mongolia was reeling from the failed Soviet system and the departure of the Russians. In 1994 Dr. Gerald Mitchum went with five other veterinarians to Mongolia on a survery trip. He returned with a heart to reach out to these people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through assisting the veterinarians and their herder clients. He and his wife, Frances, returned to live in Mongolia in 1995 to help develop the work of CVM which is now a national NGO called Mongolia V.E.T. Net.

Our Work

The primary ministries of V.E.T. Net are through continuing educations to remote veterinarians and herders, university outreach, a small and large animal clinic/training center, and community developement projects to rural students and their families. All of these activities offer opportunities to share the gospel and build into the lives of nationals. Aproximately 40 rural sustainable churches have developed as a result of this work.

Our Partner

CVM partners with about 65 national staff who comprise the V.E.T. Net Team. These are young Christians with a heart to reach their countrymen with the gospel and modern training in their professions. The CVM staff now serves as support for the Mongolian Team as they build relationships and share their faith. V.E.T. Net is a network of veterinarians and educators training professonals throughout Mongolia to gain the opportunity to share the HOPE that is within us.


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