Dr. Rebecca Quam

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Who I am

Using veterinary skills for missions has been something Rebecca has wanted to do ever since high school. Her love for South Africa then developed during a biology research trip there during the summer after her first year at Hillsdale College. Once she had completed her veterinary Degree at the University of Glasgow Rebecca came home and worked in small animal practice for 5 years and helped with CVM's Real Life Real Impact conferences before feeling led to return to South Africa full time with CVM.

My Work

In Mmabatho, South Africa Rebecca will be working in the small animal hospital attached to the Animal Health Technician program at North-West University. She will be teaching small groups of final year students as they proceed through the small animal rotation. This provides a great opportunity to form relationships and discuss difficult topics like faith, ethics, and relationships. Rebecca also hopes to do some participatory poverty alleviation work/training in surrounding rural villages.

My Partner

North-West University has been very welcoming to North American veterinarians willing to bring their experience and their faith to Mmabatho. This university is quite large, but Rebecca will be working in the Dale Bieghle Center for Animal Health Studies.


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