Dr. Tom & Diane Schiefer

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Who We Are

Tom and Diane Schiefer began ministering with CVM in 1998 with a mission trip to Armenia and the Republic of Georgia, followed up the next year with a trip to Kosovo. In 2000, Tom retired from USDA and he and Diane went to Mongolia. They then spent 8 years part-time in Bolivia before working with the Tarahumara people for several years in the Copper Canyon area of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. They are now ministering with Global CHE Enterprises in Western Guatemala, working with the Quiche and Mam people in 16 communities.

Our Work

Tom and Diane have started a new ministry in Guatemala teaching in rural communities and training the trainers of CHE and the local people how to diagnose, treat, vaccinate and improve the health and quality of the animals through nutrition and genetics. Lives will be transformed through the health of the animals

Our Partner

Tom and Diane partner with Global CHE Enterprises in Guatemala, Mission Community Church in Gilbert, AZ.


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