Dr. Karen Smirmaul

Mongolia_Web.pngServing in Mongolia

"UB Vet"


Who I Am

Dr. Karen Smirmaul is really thankful to be working with Christian Veterinary Mission these past 10 years. She felt interested in overseas missions in college but wasn't sure how veterinary work would fit with that. Karen felt divided between wanting to be involved in ministry in a developing country and also feeling a pull toward vet school. Christian Veterinary Mission puts the two together! She graduated Texas A&M in 2001 and moved to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2003.

My Work

Karen's everyday work is at the Caring Animal Clinic and Training Center seeing clients and patients and training the Mongolian vet staff. She works to build up their staff in all areas not just their profession. Communication skills, conflict management, and service to the clients and each other as a team are important. She also wants to help the team grow spiritually as they walk out their faith in Christ in the daily issues of work and life. She wants to be "iron sharpening iron" for each other.

My Partner

Karen works within a local Mongolian NGO, VET Net. This ministry has other departments beyond the small animal clinic. The organization works to train Mongolian veterinarians throughout the country as well as a summer education program for children in remote areas. The clinic serves as a training center for all of our new grads, large and small animal. The clinic is just one piece of this dynamic group that is sharing Christ in many different ways.


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