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Serving in the Central African Republic

"The Animal Bridge"

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Who We Are

Denise was introduced to CVM as a veterinary student at Iowa State, amazed that God could use her vet skills to serve Christ in missions! Denise served with CVM in Ethiopia for 7 years and in the USA for 6 years. Roy was impacted during his undergrad at NC State seeing how God could use any gifting for God in missions! He pursued serving as an agricultural missionary and later served 2 years as a missionary in Senegal. Denise and Roy now feel God’s call to serve as a family overseas!

Our Work

Denise and Roy have a passion to use their skills in vet medicine and agriculture to better equip herders and farmers to care for their families and to open the doors to share the gospel. Their primary ministry focus will be to the Fulani people. The Fulani are a pastoralist, Muslixm people who desperately need to see God’s love demonstrated to them in practical ways. The Fulani have a special reliance and love for their cattle and the current missionaries have asked for years for a vet to serve them. The population is also dependent on crops for living.

Our Partner

Denise and Roy are partnering with Center for Experimentation and Formation(training) in Agriculture (CEFA). CEFA is a farm which is a non-government, non- profit organization (NGO) that focuses on transformational development with emphasis on enhancing farming processes to improve food security and sharing the love of Christ within the African communities. It is directed by Christians with a heart for the Lord and the local people with the help of missionary advisors.


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