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Who We Are

Justin and Helen Woolsey along with their children, Caleb and Caroline, will be serving with Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) in Mongolia. Justin was first involved with CVM as a student at Auburn University, and then spent 7 years in a primarily small animal practice. He became more heavily involved with CVM when he began to feel a call to long-term mission work. Justin has a passion for the gospel and using veterinary medicine as a means of building relationships to share God's love with others. Helen is a homeschool mother with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has a passion for children's and women's ministry.

Our Work

Justin will be working alongside a local Non-Government Organization called V.E.T. Net. in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This organization has two main focuses: veterinary medicine and education for children in rural areas. Justin's main job will be as an advisor to the Caring Animal Clinic and Training Center. He will help train young national veterinarians, assist with C.E. presentations, build relationships with current veterinarian students, and help disciple local believers. Helen will be a homeschooling mother who will also assist in the rural education program of V.E.T. Net when needed.

Our Partner

The Woolseys are partnered with V.E.T. Net in Mongolia. They will serve alongside CVM field staff members Dr. Gerald & Francis Mitchum, and Dr. Mary and Richard Ballenger.