Current Opportunities

Since 1981 CVM has been sending veterinary professionals and their families to serve in long-term missions in approximately 13 countries around the world from rural community development among preliterate tribes to training among the nation's most educated at university veterinary schools. CVM veterinary professionals have used their profession to train others how to be better stewards of the animals God has given them and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

CVM long-term staff must go through an application process in order to serve in the field. To find out how our long-term application process works, please click here.

If you have questions regarding serving long-term with CVM, please see our FAQ section. If you don't find what you are looking for, contact us!


  • Any
  • Asia
  • Central Africa
  • East Africa
  • North Africa
  • South Africa
  • West Africa
  • Latin America
  • USA


  • any
  • Bolivia
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Liberia
  • Limited Access Countries
  • Mongolia
  • Nigeria
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa
  • South Sudan
  • Uganda
  • USA






Ruminant Vet For Semi-Nomadic Groups

Work with existing ministries to reach nomads and settled families raising water buffalo and sheep/goats. Training local farmers from an unreached people group will be an important component of the veterinary work.
Term: 3 plus years including language study
Language: TBD

Veterinarian / Agriculturalist Work

Veterinarian, vet tech or agriculturalist needed to join with existing CVM fieldstaff to do animal health trainings and develop a training farm in partnership with the local church.  Firsthand experience on a farm with livestock breeding and/or agribusiness expertise would be desirable.  Couples, families and single women considered.
Term: 2-3 plus years including language study
Language: Nepali


Limited Access Asia

Business as Missions Veterinarian

Start a veterinary related business, in hard to access places. Thus allowing opportunities to minister to staff and clients.
Term: 3 plus years
Language: TBD

Swine Operation

Manage swine operation and expand extension work to rural farm community. Need individuals or couples.
Term: 1-3 plus years

Veterinarian for New Mission Field

Entrepreneur needed to assist in livestock raising enterprises in SE Asia. Use your veterinary skills to train farmers in animal heath and help them make a living, while sharing the love of Christ.
Term: 3 plus years including language study


West Africa




Veterinary School/Students

Teach subjects or clinical medicine with practice management while mentoring vet students. Help establish new program to impact the nation. Take students on outreach into countryside.  Coordinate short term vets and teach Continuing Education as a witness.
Term: 1-3 years or more.
Language: English



Veterinary Work

Use your veterinary skills to build livestock support for orphanage and school.  Pigs, goats, chickens.  Help teach in the school. Train people in animal care, driving a car, and more.
Term: 3 years
Language: English



Veterinary Work

Fulani (10-13 million nomads spread over 17 regions) – Contribute to the development of a Fulani church through your veterinary skills. You and your family join a team already having national-wide impact through "Farming God's Way" rotational grazing and Bible based schools.
Term: 3 years
Language: English, Fulfulbe


Central Africa



Central African Republic

Veterinary Work

Fulani (west) and Zande & Mbororo-Fulani (east), two opportunities, where the people rely on their livestock to survive and vets can open doors! Help plant and grow the Fulani or Zande churches through your veterinary skills.  
Term: 3 years
Language: French, Fulfulde, Pazande



Veterinary Work

Join existing teams, build relationships and contribute to the development of the church through your veterinary skills.
Term: 3 years
Language: French, local language


East Africa




University Lecturer

Teach subjects or clinical medicine with practice management while mentoring vet students at Mekelle University.  Take students on outreach into countryside.  Coordinate short term vets.
Term: 1-3 years or more
Language: English, Amharic



Veterinary/Holistic Development

Boscovet Project works with 2 churches, built a school, facilitates a popular microfinance project, in addition to animal husbandry, training, and community vaccination with the local vet office. People in the Msongo area are eager to learn. Work with group leaders from 5 groups, according to your skill set; expand into adjacent groups clamoring to also participate.
Term: 3 years
Language: English, Kiswahili



Rural Veterinarian, Church Planting

Teach a God-centered worldview with animal husbandry and Farming God's Way. Coordinate with local vet service and CVM short-term vets. Increase animal production for better nutrition with sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens and cows. Help people improve their lives through better animal care. Be a part of the team that is planting churches and discipling believers.
Term: 1-3 years or more
Language: Portuguese, Yao



Revolving Livestock/Widows

Work with widows and orphans of the genocide.  Use revolving livestock project and training to help them survive.  Could also help teach welding, carpentry, sewing, hand-crafts and more opportunities for you or your spouse.
Term: 3 years
Language: English


South Sudan

Veterinary/Church Planting

Join multi-national team impacting Africa’s newest nation, church planting while empowering livestock holders to meet their own needs.
Term: 2-3 years
Language: English


South Africa



South Africa

Northwest University Lecturer

Teach animal health curriculum, serving racially and politically marginalized students through veterinary education and discipling; also village outreach.
Term: 2-3 years
Language: English/Setswana


North Africa



North Africa

Veterinary Business as Mission

Help reach some of the least accessible unreached nomadic people, who depend on their livestock for survival.
Term: 3 years
Language: English, local language


Latin America




Veterinary Community Development

Assist with veterinary services; develop regional veterinary inputs as well as training and discipling  the Christian Community Development workers in Apolo (N. Central part of the country.)
Term: 1-3 years
Language: Spanish, Quechua

University Teaching/Ministry

Part-time faculty teaching or clinics and engaged in student ministry.
Term: 1-3 years
Language: Spanish



Veterinary Development Worker

Coordinate animal health training and develop pharmacies in the North West.
Term: 2-3 years
Language: French, Creole



Veterinary Development Worker

Provide basic animal health training and development in an existing program with the Miskito Indians. This would also include project administration and marketing for local handicraft project.
Term: 2-3 years
Language: Spanish

Community Development Trainer

Provide livestock and veterinary training for community development workers. Assist with farmer training and discipleship of staff and farmers.
Term: 2-3 years
Language: Spanish



Station Manager

Person to run agriculture training center involving both agronomy and animal science in partnership with local Methodist church.
Term: 1-3 years
Language: Develop Spanish fluency

Rural Veterinary Services

Use Veterinary services as part of rural church planting team.
Term: 3 years
Language: Spanish and Guaraní


United States of America




Native American Ministry Coordinator

Coordinate veterinary outreach to Native American populations.
Term: 1-3 years, willing to relocate