How It Works

CVM sends veterinary volunteers around the world to share Christ's love by serving through veterinary medicine. Short-term trips consist of individuals or groups of people that serve alongside local field staff, long-term missionary or other CVM in-country partner for a period of time ranging from one to two weeks but less than one year. Through the partnership of short-term team members, local hosts are able to extend their ministry and work to reach the community in ways they could not accomplish alone. Short-term trip participants not only use their gifts, skills and abilities to bless, encourage and facilitate the receiving partners and local community, but also empower themselves as they take a step of faith to learn about a people different from their own and experience God at work in amazing ways.

If God is calling you to consider participating in short-term missions through CVM, here is how you can get started on the process. If you are interested in serving on a short-term trip as a group, please click here.


Please note: Due to our recent website and database transition, logging in and creating a profile (under "Join CVM Online") is unfortunately no longer an option! To apply to our Short-Term volunteer pool, please see our Short-Term Missions Volunteer Application. Feel free to email with any questions!