Short-term Preparation

When serving in short-term missions it’s important to prepare spiritually, mentally, as well as logistically. We encourage you to meet with others on your team or others involved in short-term missions, to pray, go through resources and devotionals and prepare to serve. Below are some of the ways you can prepare before you leave for your trip.

How Do I Discern God’s Call in My Life for Short-term Missions?

There are many questions that go into determining next steps for serving in short-term missions. Let CVM walk alongside you as you discern where God wants you to go, who He wants you to serve, and how to integrate your professional skills with your heart and ministry.

Read Stories of Short-term Missions with Long-term Impact

God is working through short-term missions in extraordinary ways! Take a look at what your colleagues and friends are doing by clicking here.

Devotional Journaling

Spending time on your own or with your team in devotions is a great way to prepare your heart for serving in short-term missions.

Resources for Serving in Missions

Once you’ve discerned God’s call, you can begin preparing for short-term service in many ways. It takes a community to support you financially and spiritually, working through logistics, and training to serve in a cross-cultural context. Some of the resources we recommend are the Short-term Recommended Reading List, the CVM Short-term Manual, and attending our annual Shortcourse. Take a look at all of the resources we recommend to start your journey in short-term missions.