“I loved learning about the way veterinary medicine is practiced in Nicaragua. I did not fully understand how important animals, particularly pigs and horses, are to the people living in rural areas. While I enjoyed learning about veterinary medicine, what I loved most was forming relationships with the people there.”

Mallory Brink, Vet student, 2012 Nicaragua Trip

“I had the opportunity to truly put my trust in God during my trip. I have always been very shy and unsure about how to share my testimony and how to talk to strangers about the gospel. I prayed specifically for an opportunity to do this and God provided. It was incredible to see Him working in my life while reaching out to another person. It was an experience I will treasure forever.”

Bettina Von Ammon, 2012 USA/Navajo Trip

“Read the When Helping Hurts book and discuss it as a team. Going through it with my team this year was a great way to prepare. It introduced us to ways a short term trip can be harmful and ways that it can be beneficial. It prepared us to go to Haiti with attitudes of opennes to learn and an eagerness to help in ways that were sustainable.”

Erica Geary, Haiti Trip

“Getting to put your passion for Christ into your passion for vet med is such a seamless and fulfilling practice that was modeled and encouraged on the trip. No class in vet school will ever teach you how to do that!”

Stevie Dietzel, 2012 USA/Navajo Trip

“God grew a great faith in us through this experience. The Mongolian Christians that we met have emboldened our willingness to share our faith and the gospel.”

Mongolia Trip

“This trip reinforced the importance of following God’s lead and searching for His will in all matters. I know this trip was so enjoyable and fulfilling for me personally, due to the fact that He called me and I went. I also feel more of a boldness to witness for Christ here in my own corner of the world.”

Tanzania Trip

“Be flexible! The service needs vary daily- you may spend one day doing hands-on vet training and the next building relationships. Just remember that it all ties into serving God and extending His love.”

Haiti Trip