Do You Have Compassion Fatigue?

As a veterinarian professional, statistics tell us that you are
in one of the most stressful professions that exist.  Working with ailing animals and the people
that love them produces a unique type of stress that many other professionals
don’t regularly have to deal with. 
Compassion fatigue is defined as the feeling of “indifference to
charitable appeals on behalf of those who are suffering, experienced as a
result of the frequency or number of such appeals.”  Compassion fatigue can lead to other more
serious repercussions if not dealt with early on. Here are the telltale signs
that you may be experiencing it:

•    Frequently isolating
yourself from others

•    Finding little
pleasure in life

•    Difficulty concentrating

•    Trouble sleeping

•    Experiencing fatigue
both physically and mentally

•    Not expressing your

•    Bad dreams or

•    Feelings of
hopelessness or powerlessness

•    Frequently
complaining about your work or your life

•    Overeating

•    Excessive use of
drugs or alcohol

•    Generally not taking
care of yourself

•    People are
complaining about your work or attitude

•    Feeling burdened by the suffering of others

•    Blaming others for their suffering

•    Denial

Jesus teaches us to rest.  In Mathew 11:28 he tells us “come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”  The reality is that we take his words as more of a recommendation rather than a command.  Many professionals spend 60 or more hours per week at work and often bring even more work home with them, sacrificing important relationships and time for their own relaxation.  The consequences in the veterinary field can lead to emotional distress or even suicide.

Jesus is an excellent example for us, and we can apply his tips
to our own lives as we seek to honor him and honor the life and relationships
that he has given us.  Here are some ways
in which Jesus rested and you can too.

•    Before the day
begins, step away for prayer. (Mark 1:35) 
Just pausing to surrender the day before it starts is a step towards
understanding the day’s events are not “all about me” and you can see the day
unfold through God’s orchestration.

•    Go away and rest for
a while. (Mark 6:31-32) Take a day or a weekend often to get away for a
rest.  Your family will enjoy this too.

•    Get away from the
crowd. (Luke 5:15) Even while people crowded around him, Jesus would “often
slip away to the wilderness to pray” showing us that it is more critical to
remain centered and rested than to fulfill every desire or need of every person
we meet.

Even In the midst of chaos, through the example of Christ, we can remain mentally centered on Him. (Mark 4:35-41) Through a terrible storm,Jesus was able to rest.  His trust was not in the weather or the people and situations that surrounded him but inGod’s sovereignty over all things. While we know that resting is a command and that  Jesus practiced it, we can find it a challenge.  But as we start the day surrendered and continue to look for opportunities to “step away” daily and even for more extended periods of time, God can keep us from compassion fatigue.

Christian Veterinary Mission exists to empower veterinarian
professionals to live out their faith in their profession.  We believe in the power of prayer and want to
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