Externships are a great way to gain professional experience while in school. CVM seeks to connect students with local practitioners willing to welcome students into their clinics to learn and grow. We feel that gaining experience in your profession, while working in a Christian environment allows you to get a feel for what the demanding industry is like while learning to maintain a Christ-centered practice. We invite you to see what externships are taking place near you!

If you are considering being an externship host, please complete the form online or download the form and send it in.


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Externship Types

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  • Dairy
  • Feline



Small Animal Extern

Guntersville Animal Hospital
Guntersville, AL

Job Description: I have a small hospital with 9 employees, we stay moderately busy day-to-day seeing routine internal medicine cases.  If someone is wanting a more diversified experience they may want to go to a multi-doctor hospital. What I can offer is a peaceful Christian environment in which I will be available to explain or discuss medical and surgical cases, client interaction and management styles.  I am a referral vet for orthopedics and see several cases a month, usually MPL, ACL, fracture, repairs. 

Faith Integration: Faith is saturated through everything we do. Not all of our staff are believers but they understand our standard and try to represent that. We minister to our clients and staff when the occasions allow. 

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. Chuck Young
Email: chuck@chyoung.net
Phone: 256-582-3184
Fax: 256-582-8139
Website: http://www.guntersvillevet.com/staff.htm


Small Animal Extern

Bradshaw Mountain Animal Hospital
Prescott Valley, AZ

Job Description: Work with staff doctors on medical and surgical cases. Practice extensive in-house diagnostics. Our clinic is a small-town two-doctor practice. Most cases are dealt with at our clinic rather than referral to specialists that are 100 miles away. This gives broad types of cases treated yet we do not have all the toys the specialists would have.

Faith Integration: Create a positive Christian environment for staff and clients. Minister to both when opportunity arises. Various programs set up to help clients and show God's love for them.

Job Details: Not paid. Housing not provided, but may be able to help arrange something.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Michael Walker, DVM
Email: bmah@commspeed.net
Phone: 928-772-7775
Fax: 928-772-5970
Website: www.bmahonline.com

Small Animal / Emergency Extern

Canyon Pet Hospital
Flagstaff, AZ

Job Description: Canyon Pet Hospital's mission is to be the premier veterinary hospital in Northern Arizona by providing quality, progressive veterinary medicine in a clean and modern veterinary facility that meets all the needs of our clients and their pets. We are a six doctor practice that offers routine appointments Mon-Sat 9am-5pm, and emergency/urgent care services 5pm-11pm with on-call overnight. There is a nurse on premise 24 hours a day to care for overnight patients. We have in house blood machines, digital radiography (with digital dental), full ultrasound, full physical therapy suite, bone plating capabilities, oxygen cages, separate cat and exotics wards, and blood products.

An extern would mainly shadow Dr. Carotenuto, who is the primary emergency doctor, three to four nights a week. Students with specific interests in exotics, physical therapy, ultrasound and surgery can be scheduled to shadow these doctors as well, but the emergency service provides a great opportunity to sample most of these areas. Third and fourth year externs would be given primary case responsibility over simple cases and would be mentored through more advanced medical and surgical work ups. First and second year externs would shadow the doctor and assisting in surgery. All of our nurses are experienced, patient teachers, so our clinic is a wonderful opportunity to practice clinical skills such as catheter placement, blood draws, etc.

The emergency service is fast paced and busy during summer months, seeing on average 12-20 patients in a 6-hour window, so this is a great time to experience lots of cases. If you are interested, an externship could take place before or after the annual CVM Navajo outreach trips in July and August, allowing you to meet up with those teams and participate in those mission trips concurrently. Spring and fall are still busy, but allow more time for teaching and discussion of cases. Winter months are slower, but allow the most time for in-depth teaching and learning. February is dental month and we do over 100 dentals during that time, so if you have a specific interest in that area, it would be a great time to visit. If you visit during the spring or fall, you may be asked to speak at the local Pre-Vet club at Northern Arizona University—just to share what it is like in veterinary school.

Faith Integration: God calls us to excellence is everything we do, as we are daily ambassadors for him. “Whatever you do, do unto Him.” That means being diligent, honest, hard-working, positive and uplifting in the workplace, whether to clients or staff. Owners who present their animals for emergencies are often stressed and worried, and as an emergency veterinarian, I have the opportunity to choose to speak life and love into the situation. Doing so is a daily mission.

Job Details: Externs need to be mature and ready to work hard and play hard. Hours can often exceed scheduled closing times, but time off is time off, and hospitalized cases are transferred to other doctors so that free time is truly unencumbered. We prefer veterinary students with a positive, willing-to-learn attitude who strive to exhibit the humility of Christ. This position is un-paid, but housing is available.

Typically lodging is available with Dr. Carotenuto in her guest room and a car is not necessary since you can ride into the office with her. We LOVE living in Flagstaff and know you will love visiting. Flagstaff offers a great balance of small college town (Northern Arizona University), but is close to Phoenix (it also has a local airport). Flagstaff is generally 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than Phoenix, so it is not your typical Arizona heat. Lastly, my husband is a Pastor with the Nazarene church locally, so an extern would join us for weekend services and if interested, further activities. Married couples are welcome.  You can bring your pets, but they would need to be boarded at the veterinary clinic.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Sarah Carotenuto, DVM
Email: drcarotenutocph@gmail.com
Phone: 928-774-5197
Website: www.canyonpet.com



Small Animal & Exotics Extern

Animal Medical Center of Jonesboro
Jonesboro, Arkansas

Job Description: We are a busy small animal practice with three full-time veterinarians. The externs we have had in the past have been exposed to all aspects of practice, including surgery, medicine, diagnostics, and business management.

Faith Integration: All three vets are born again believers. Our faith is central to all that we do in and out of practice. We are each very involved with our local churches and veterinary mission work in Uganda.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. John T. Huff
Emails: huffdvm@msn.com
Phone: 870-935-8387 or 870-930-0093
Fax: 870-932-4176
Website: www.amcjonesboro.com



Small Animal Extern

Veterinary Specialty Hospital, North County San Diego
San Marcos, CA

Job Description: Externship will be in internal medicine and our practice also has a surgeon, oncologist, cardiologist, neurologist, dermatologist, radiologist, and 24/7 emergency-critical care. We integrate our faith by exemplifying Christ's love for people through our actions, and minister to staff and clients when the occasion arises.

Job Details: Housing is not available and this is an unpaid externship.

Faith Integration: Exemplify Christ's love for people by your actions, and minister to staff and clients when the occasion arises.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Kevin Mallery
Email: kmallery@ethosvet.com
Phone: 760-466-0600
Website: www.vshsd.com



Mixed Animal Extern

Animal Clinic, LLC
Fort Lupton, CO

Job Description: This is a 9 doctor, 9 technician, and 3 support staff clinic. We primarily see 1/3 equine, 1/3 dairy and 1/3 small animal. We have a L.A. Hospital and a S.A. Hospital at some location. We are equipped with a full in-house index lab, digital x-ray, ultrasound. We see medicine and surgical cases on both SA & LA. Externs participate in exam rooms and on LA ambulatory & hospital patients.

Faith Integration: Day to day interactions with staff, our philosophy is to show by example.

Job Details: Desire fourth year veterinary students, but will consider third year veterinary students. We also encourage veterinary technicians in their last year of school to participate. This is an unpaid externship with housing available. Students will need coveralls, smock (SA), overshoes and a stethoscope.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. Glenn S. Cook
Email: gcook4636@aol.com
Fax: 303-857-6673



Small Animal Exclusive Extern

Thompson's Veterinary Center
Lake Wales, FL 33898

Job Description: We are a small animal hospital located in Lake Wales, Fl. We have a CO2 laser, Vet Test machine, automatic processor. We are seeking students who want to see what private practice is like. We currently have one full time doctor and 3 technicians. We offer boarding for our clients. The doctor does have an interest in behavior medicine.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Carol Thompson
Email: drredporsche@lakewaleswireless.com
Phone: 863-676-5922
Fax: 863-676-7342



Small Animal Extern

Dade County Small Animal Hospital
Trenton, GA

Job Description: Dade County Animal Hospital is a busy 3 doctor small animal practice in beautiful North West Gorgia. We are located 15 south of Chattanooga, TN. DCAH is equipped with a full in house lab, radiology, U/S, bone plates, etc. We believe in hands on learning and enjoy teaching. Extern’s responsibilities would depend on their experience and skill level.

Faith Integration: We have been so blessed by so many Christian staff members, which creates a great work place environment. I try to create a loving Christian environment were faith is shared freely.

Job Details: Unpaid. Housing is available.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Nick Weldon, DVM
Email: dr.weldon@yahoo.com
Phone: 423-802-1535
Fax: 706-657-3560
Website: www.dadecountyanimalhospital.com



Small Animal Extern

Gwinnett Animal Clinic
Lawrenceville, GA

Job Description: We have 3 full-time veterinarians as well as a well-trained support staff.  We have extensive in-house laboratory facilities, DR digital radiography, therapeutic laser and a well-stocked pharmacy.  We do extensive in-practice diagnostics and treatments, but we also work closely with many specialists in our area, including the University of Georgia, which is less than an hour away.  Participants will be involved in examinations, medical and surgical procedures under the supervision of our staff.

Faith Integration: While not everyone on our staff is a Christian, staff members are allowed to share their faith as opportunities arise with each other as well as our clients.  We prominently display CVM materials in our lobby and use CVM brochures discussing eternity and salvation.  I personally frequently discuss CVM missionary opportunities with clients.

Job Details: Paid position. Housing is negotiable.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Wayne Wallis, DVM
Email: vetdawg83@yahoo.com
Phone: 770-337-0606
Fax: 770-962-6089
Website: www.gwinnettanimalclinic.net



Dairy Extern

Dairy Health Servcies/MPS
Jerome, ID

Job Description: Read details

Job Details: Housing is available.  Position is unpaid.

Faith Integration: There are a number of clients with whom we share what God is doing in our life and what we are learning. We also take a number of students per year and integrate them into our family life which includes a number of bible studies during the week and Sunday Worship.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: John and Laurie Day
Email: jdday@qwestoffice.net
Phone: 208-324-8100
Fax: 208-324-9244



Small Animal Extern

Belvidere Family Pet Clinic
Belvidere, IL

Job Details: Room/Board $150 per week

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Bruce Probst
Email: blpdvm@hotmail.com
Phone: 815-544-9930
Fax: 866-692-9104

Small Animal Extern

Highland Pet Hospital and Wellness Center
Bloomington, IL

Job Requirements: Participation in all areas of practice life including patient/client care and case management, clinic standards development and review, medical team leadership, and partnership meetings involving clinic level directions and decisions.

Job Details: Housing is available. Stipend provided of $200/week.

Faith Integration: Our desire is to have hearts and lifestyles pleasing to God - to value what He values, and to allow His passion to be our passion. That keeps us occupied. We recognize a growing desire to reach out to the poor in our community, support missions, and to minister to other veterinarians in our community.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Patti Niehm
Email: niehm.hph@gmail.com
Phone: 309-828-7722
Website: http://www.highlandpethospital.com

Small Animal, Some Exotics Extern

Mendota Companion Animal Centre
Mendota, IL

Job Requirements: We are a small-town rural practice.

Job Details:
Unpaid with the possibility of part-time payment.

Faith Integration: Morning prayer 2 times a week, offer prayer for patients, strive to practice with integrity.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Cathy J. Wolf, DVM
Email: info@mendotavet.com
Phone: 815-539-6601

Small Animal Extern

Brookside Veterinary Clinic
Rockford, IL

Job Description: Participate in the diagnosis, treatment and care of medical and surgical cases, as allowed by the laws of Illinois in conjunction with the schools of origin of the intern.

Job Details: Possible housing and possible stipend.

Faith Integration: We are free to share as the situation leads us.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dan Purviance DVM or Dan Damman DVM
Email: brooksidevetclinic@gmail.com
Phone: 815-654-2012
Fax: 815-636-8901

Small Animal Extern

Brookside Veterinary Clinic
Loves Park, IL

Job Description: Externs will participate along with the doctors in the diagnosis, treatment and care of medical and surgical cases. As externs feel more comfortable and show competency they will be able to interact more with individual cases. This would be an excellent way to see if this practice would be a potential job placement in the future, there are positions opening soon.

Job Details: Room and Board/$200 Week Stipend

Faith Integration: We promote the Golden Rule, treat others with respect at all times and treat our clients/patients with the care you would like to be treated with. As representatives of our Lord we feel that our actions speak volumes and when possible we speak appropriate words to encourage and lead other to a closer walk with God.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dan Purviance DVM 
Email: brooksidevetclinic@gmail.com
Phone: 815-654-2012
Fax: 815-636-8901


Small Animal Referral Surgery, Internal Medicine, 24 Hour Critical Care Extern

Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital
Fort Wayne, IN

Job Description: We are a 24-hour emergency and specialty referral hospital, serving the region of NE Indiana, SE Michigan & NW Ohio.  NIVES is an AAHA Referral accredited and a LEVEL II Certified Critical Care facility. In addition to our board certified specialists in small animal surgery, internal medicine & cardiology; we have doctors certified in canine rehabilitation therapy as well as dedicated solely to emergency & critical care. Our hospital offers extensive in-house diagnostics including hematology analyzers, digital radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopic & laparoscopic equipment and CT.

Our externs are expected to rotate though all aspects of our hospital; additional time can be spent in the area of most interest. Students also have the opportunity to spend part of their time at the primary care practice located just next door to our facility.  

Ideal candidates are hard working, self-motivated, with a good sense of humor and ability to thrive in a fast-paced working environment. In order to best take advantage of their limited time at hospital, we strongly advise students to come prepared with a list of skills, procedures and/or cases they’d most like to have exposure.

Faith Integration: As a Christian, I hope that every aspect of my life reflects my faith in Jesus Christ. Our hospital was founded by Christian veterinarians and we maintain an environment that is positive, uplifting and that honors God.

Job Details: Unpaid; however onsite housing is provided.  We have two studio/dorm type apartments on property with access to common area kitchen facilities.  Both rooms include all bedding & bath towels needed, a mini fridge, TV, computer as well as Wi-Fi access.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Bradley R. Coolman, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS
Email: cooldvm@gmail.com
Phone: 260-426-1062
Fax: 260-485-0130



Small Animal, Multi-Clinic Practice

Location: Martinsville, IN

Job Description: St. Francis Pet Hospital is a small animal, multi-clinic practice in the Indianapolis area.  We have 5 veterinarians on staff and 3 conveniently located clinics. 

Faith Intergration: We do our best to live our faith daily and show it through the way we interact with clients and staff.

Job Details: Externs will be involved in all aspects of patient care (exams, vaccinations, blood draw, diagnostics, pain management, etc.) and will assist with surgeries/dentals. We encourage externs to spend time at each location, engage with doctors on cases, and improve on basic technical skills for a well-rounded experience. A Weekly Stipend is offered as well as available housing.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. Tom Parell
St. Francis Pet Hospital
Phone: 317-831-8231


Mixed Practice Extern

Hi-Plains Veterinary Services
Pratt, KS

Job Description: Mixed animal practice with 1 doctor and 6 staff, about 60% large animal (beef, equine) 40% small animal. We have digital x-ray, ultrasound, and in-house CBC/Chem. Housing can be arranged. A sense of humor is required. 

Faith Integration: We treat everyone with respect and compassion, and share our faith as situations allow. 

Job Details: Externs will observe and help with whatever appointments and procedures we do. Depending on the education and skill level we even allow students to assist with or perform procedures under supervision. Externs here are not paid, but we usually help get housing arranged. We are only accepting 4th year students at this time.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Audrey Brake, RVT
Email: hiplainsvettech@yahoo.com
Phone: 620-672-5988
Website: www.hiplainsvet.com



Small Animal Extern

Sherwood South Animal Hospital
Baton Rouge, LA

Job Description: Small animal, emergency and specialty all under one roof! Hands on with many experienced veterinarians. We have 17 full-time and part-time vets. All digital (dental & std. radiology), CT scanner, CO2 & therapy lasers, cataract surgery, etc. Housing is not available. This is an unpaid externship.

Faith Integration: Never be ashamed to share the Gospel. My two favorite subjects to talk about with clients are religion and politics.

Job Details: Dress code for women is to wear slacks, dress pants, khaki's or a dress. Men should wear ties, dress pants or khakis. Lab coats from your respective veterinary school are encouraged.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Alfred G. Stevens, DVM
Email: astevens@sherwoodsouth.com
Phone: 225-293-6440
Website: http://www.sherwoodsouth.com


Mixed Practice Extern

Pine Hills Veterinary Hospital
West Monroe, LA

Job Description: Pine Hills Veterinary Hospital is truly a general, mixed animal practice (80% small animal, 15% equine, 5% food animal and exotic) set in a small southern town. We have in-house Abaxis CBC and Chemistry, digital radiography and ultrasound. We refer complicated orthopedic repairs and our after-hours small animal emergencies are sent to our local emergency clinic. We are on call for after-hours horse emergencies which average one or two a week. The marjority of the horse work is done between March and July but we see horses just about every day. I personally enjoy the theriogenology of the horse breeding season but the work in this region of the state is light. About half of our horse work is down on the road which provides ample opportunity to discuss faith and life in general as we drive from farm to farm. The extern's responsibilities will include shadowing the primary veterinarian and patient monitoring. The extern will also be on call to assist the veterinarian with after-hours horse calls.

Faith Integration: The clinic culture that I cultivate with the staff is found in Luke 6:31, "Do to others as you would have them do to you". This helps to create a positive work environment and a pleasant experience for our clients. Most, but not all, of our staff are Christ followers. My personal daily goal is to live out Hebrews 12:1-2, "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfector of faith. For the joy set before Him He endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."

I believe the race that Christ has prepared for me is a life of ministry and encouragement. While not always successful, I believe this is my intended purpose. As I run this race, with all of its obstacles, I believe I experience abundant life in Jesus encouraging others. Also, Dr. Johnson is a great sister in Christ and a part-time mixed animal veterinarian working here two days a week. She has been to Honduras on a short-term mission trip with CVM as a vet student, and is active in her church. She is a recent graduate from LSU and enjoys food animal along with equine and companion animal medicine. I think she would be a great asset to the externship program.

Job Details: Our clinic is open from 8-5:30 on Mondays-Fridays, and 8-noon on Saturdays. Weekend treatments are scheduled at 8:00am and 4:30pm. The position is unpaid, but housing is provided.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Jay Warford, DVM
Email: jaywarford@yahoo.com
Phone: 318-348-1637
Website: http://www.pinehillsvet.com



Mixed Practice Extern

SRH Veterinary Services
Ipswich, MA

Job Description: Observe and assist where needed. There is a Technician who accompanies the Large Animal Veterinarian on the road. Mixed - mostly Large Animal - primarily Equine.  2 Large Animal Veterinarians;  1 Small Animal Veterinarian; 1 Mixed (90% Large - myself); 1 part-time Small Animal Veterinarian

Faith Integration: I am the only Christian in my practice.  I try to worship the Lord 24/7 by using my talents and abilities in Veterinary Medicine for His honor and glory, holding up His standards of integrity.  I share my faith in a deeper way where I can, and use the Loveline Program.  Going on short-term missions as a Veterinarian I have been able to share my faith with Clients and drug companies.

Job Details: Unpaid. Housing available

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Helen O. Noble, VMD
Email: helen.srhveterinary@comcast.net
Phone: 978-356-1119
Fax: 978-356-5758
Website: http://www.srhveterinary.com


Small Animal Practice Extern

Gardner Animal Care Center
Gardner, MA

Job Description: GACC is an AAHA certified full service small animal hospital with 3 full time veterinarians and 6 certified veterinary technicians among a team of 25. They do all aspects of small animal medicine and surgery, as well as boarding, groomings, and training, also including specialists in internal medicine, ultrasound and surgery as needed. The externship would involve working with the team on routine, medical and surgical cases.

Faith Integration: It is our desire to walk in a manner worthy of the calling we have received, so our words and actions must be pleasing to God and show honesty and integrity in all we do. There are many non Christians so it is our hope to display Godly character without judgment and minister when the opportunity arises.

Job Details: Unpaid. Housing available

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Michael McTigue, DVM
Phone: 978-632-7110
Fax: 978-632-7354
Website: www.gardneranimalcarecenter.com



Small Animal Practice Extern

Colonial Veterinary Clinic
1115 S. Main St. 
Plymouth, MI 48170 

Job Description: We can provide internships of 2-3 weeks for students looking for experience in a small animal practice that practices workplace ministry. We try to meet our client's spiritual needs as well as their pet's physical needs and incorporate our faith into every aspect of the practice.  

Job Details: Housing available

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. Eunice Low
Email: euniceplow@gmail.com
Phone: 734-459-1600
Website: http://www.colonialvetclinic.com


New York

Mixed Practice Extern

Arkwright Veterinary Services
Cassadaga, NY

Job Description: The extern will be expected to assist the veterinarian, perform examinations, work up different diagnoses lists, review labwork and diagnostics, and discuss treatment methods and protocols. Participation in daily rounds, discussion of cases encountered and research of cases is expected. Length of externship is variable, with a minimum of 2 weeks preferred.

Faith Integration: I am a sole practitioner with no employees as of yet, so I am able to discuss my faith with clients whenever and however God leads me to do so.

Job Details: Unpaid. Housing available. The practice consists of a 6 year old ambulatory large animal base that mostly sees equine cases. Mixed, 75% Ambulatory Large Animal, 25% in-clinic small animal primary care. Spring of 2013 saw the addition of a 400 sq. ft. small animal primary care facility. This practice is basic, yet modern, striving to meet the needs of a very rural area in Western New York. We have digital radiology, in-clinic blood chemistry analyzer, online pharmacy, and digital medical records.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Katie J. Ball, DVM.
Email: kjball3311@gmail.com
Phone: 716-679-7900
Website: http://www.arkwrightvet.com


North Carolina

Small Animal Extern

Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin
Raleigh, NC

Job Description: Small animal externship. We face many of the stresses many Christian veterinarians face in a very busy small animal practice.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. Page Wages
Email: drwages@gmail.com
Phone: 919-832-3107
Website: Carefirstanimalhospital.com


Small Animal

Kindler Animal Hospital
St. Clairsville, OH

Job Description: We are a busy small animal hospital with one doctor, three technicians, and five support staff. The extern will be involved in all aspects of outpatient, hospitalized, and surgical cases, under the direct supervision of the doctor.

Faith Integration: CVM and other Christian material is displayed in the exam room and the lobby. I try to look for opportunities to share my faith with clients. We host the local professional CVF meetings in our practice once a month.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Maggie Moore, DVM
Email: kindlerah@yahoo.com
Phone: 740-695-9441
Fax: 740-695-0939
Website: www.kindleranimalhospital.com



Small Animal/Exotic Extern

Forest Trails Animal Hospital
Tulsa, OK

Job Description: Multi-doctor small animal practice that provides significant exposure to birds and exotics

Faith Integration: It's common for people to compartmentalize their faith by separating Sunday church from their behavior the rest of the week.  If you sincerely take care of your clients and their pet "family members," you will show them a compassion that often is missing in medicine.  You don't live your faith only on Sunday morning...you live it every hour of every day, even (and especially) during the tough times.  By following the Golden Rule and thinking of others first, you will have a more successful and a more fulfilling career.

Job Details: Unpaid position. Housing not available.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Paul Welch
Phone: 918-299-8448
Email: tulsadvm@aol.com

Mixed Practice Extern

Animal Medical Center
Claremore, OK

Faith Integration: Strive for perfection, settle for excellence, treat clients like friends.

Job Details: Paid position, will provide food and lodging. Professional appearance, proper etiquette and manners. Practice is 70% small animals.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Ed Gilsleider, DVM
Phone: 918-341-4635
Fax: 918-341-3464
Email: efgdvm82@aol.com
Website: www.amcclaremore.com


Mixed Animal Practice

Boswell Animal Kare
Boswell, OK

Job Description: 50/50 large/small animal practice. The large animal work is mainly food animal with a majority of that being cow/calf operations. Family practice with 2 large animal vets and 2 small in rural southeastern Oklahoma. We strive to make sure externs have as much hands-on as they want.

Faith Integration: We pray that each day our clients and staff see Christ through us. We are all very active in our local church and Corey has served in Liberia through CVM on a couple of short trips.

Job Details: Housing is available. This position does provide a stipend. 

Contact Information
Email: coreylp77@gmail.com
Phone: 580-566-9990


Mixed Practice Extern

Redmond Veterinary Clinic
Redmond, OR 97756

Job Description: Since 1942, the mission of Redmond Veterinary Clinic has been twofold. First, to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere where both the client and the animals feel comfortable and accepted. Secondly, we continue to strive to practice and offer the highest quality medicine and surgery for both small and large animal patients. Redmond Veterinary Clinic offers routine and emergency care for companion, large and exotic animals.  Students are encouraged to actively participate in daily activities including examinations, diagnostic procedures, therapeutic care and surgery. Students are expected to watch one, assist with one, and perform one approach.  Extent of participation will depend on the extent of education and training the student has had. Students are expected to keep a diary of the day's activities. When time permits during the day or in the evening the student will research cases they participated with. Students will be expected to know the common causes and treatment for diseases in the animals they are in contact with. In addition, students are encouraged to review cases with the doctor on a daily basis. Students are required to attend staff training meetings as determined by the director as they occur during their stay. Night and/or weekend clinical responsibilities are required, although students may request nights or weekends off.

Job Details: Raise your own support. Mixed practice with 85% small animal.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Shawn Clark
Phone: 541-548-1048
Fax: 541-548-2323
Email: shawn@redmondvetclinic.com


Mixed Animal

Endless Mountains Veterinary Center, PC
Rome, PA

Job Description: Large practice with 1 large animal ambulatory practice and 4 small animal clinics. Extern will be able to participate in wellness exams, routine physicals, surgeries, and much more.

Faith Integration: The practice is owned by 3 Christian men, prayer is held before meetings and faith is an integral part of all interactions, goals and culture.

Job Details: Housing is available. Unpaid position.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Stephen Laudermilch
Phone: 570-247-7862
Email: vets@emvets.com
Website: www.emvets.com


South Dakota

Mixed Practice Extern

Sand Creek Animal Clinic
Woonsocket, SD 57385

Faith Integration: We try to live out our faith every day. We pray for many of the animals we work on and some of the owners too. We offer a Bible study every Tuesday night to anyone that wants to come and we also have Cowboy Bibles that we give to anyone that wants one. We operate with the understanding that this is God's facility to do with what He wills. We are stewarding and trying to follow His direction.

Job Details: Housing is available. Unpaid externship. Mixed Animal (50% equine, 30% cow/calf, 20% small animal)

Contact Information:
Contact Name: David E. Schultz, DVM
Email: sandcreek@santel.net
Phone: 605-796-4145 or 605-505-0348
Fax: 605-796-1444
Website: http://www.sandcreekvet.com/


Mixed Practice Extern

Parker Veterinary Clinic
Parker, SD 57053

Job Description: Parker Veterinary Clinic is a single man practice looking to grow. I have enjoyed having students come through for the knowledge they bring me from school and for the real like experiences that can be shared with them here. So student externs are always welcome. The large animal component is mostly cow/calf with a small amount of dairy, horses, sheep, goats, swine and an occasional llama or alpaca. The small animal portion is mostly dogs and cats. I do lots of surgical procedures in both large and small, but the very technical surgeries for small animals are referred. I do ambulatory service for large animals. I also have a haul-in facility that is used very extensively. Externs would assist in all aspects of day to day work. Fall cattle work can be very busy as can the calving season after the first of the year into spring.

Faith Integration: There is no strategy for doing ministry through practice. I believe God wants committed followers of Him in all walks of life. We live our lives daily for Him and take an opportunity God gives us to talk of Him. So honesty, integrity, justice, and kindness are what He requires of us as we walk humbly with Him. These qualities displayed in our daily lives at work and at home give us lots of opportunities to communicate with and interact with our clients and others.

Job Details: Housing is available. Unpaid externship. Students should have boots, coveralls and clothing appropriate for all kinds of weather. We will consider a stipend at the end of the externship. 80% Large animal, 20% small animal.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Roland (Ron) G. Good, DVM
Email: rjgood79@gmail.com
Phone: 605-297-3356
Fax: 605-297-3273
Website: www.parkervetclinic.com



Equine Extern

Tennessee Equine Hospital
Thompsons Station, TN

Job Description: Tennessee Equine Hospital values student's development in veterinary medicine. The Externship Program exposes students to all aspects of equine practice including lameness, internal medicine, reproduction, pediatrics, elective and emergency surgery. The Externship Housing accommodates up to 4 students.

Students who enter the Externship Program are expected to assist the attending doctor or intern with management of hospitalized or out-patient horses including overnight care of critical cases and assistance with emergency surgeries. The students will also be exposed to all aspects of equine ambulatory medicine, and are allowed to participate in the treatment of cases based upon the individual's knowledge base and level of experience.

Students are required to be in good standing at an accredited United States or International Veterinary School, and must complete AVMA PLIT Student Professional Liability Application prior to start of the Externship.

Job Details: We can house up to 4 externs at one time in our Externship housing. Students may apply for the externship on our website or by calling our office.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Andrew Pearson
Email: info@tnequinehospital.com
Phone: 615-591-1232
Fax: 615-591-1235
Website: www.tnequinehospital.com


Mixed Practice Extern

Harrogate Hospital for Animals
Harrogate, TN 37752

Job Description: We are available to host interns or externs at virtually any time of year. As a mixed animal practice in a rural area we see many interesting cases. Our clients are accustomed to interns and are happy to let them participate and manage cases. More information about them is available through us as well.

Job Details: Housing may be available.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Erica Oller
Email: hhawecare@gmail.com
Phone: 423-869-3666
Fax: 423-869-3653
Website: http://www.harrogatevet.com


Large-Animal Extern

Middle TN Vet Service
Morrison, TN

Job Description: N/A

Job Details: Housing is provided at no cost and this is an unpaid position.

Faith Integration: I just try and be a good Christian example and witness every opportunity I get.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Amanda Willis, DVM
Email: drhaganwillis@gmail.com
Phone: 931-409-3178
Fax: 866-703-2794
Website: www.middletnvet.com


Small-Animal Extern

Healthy Petz Veterinary Hospital, LLC
Spring Hill, TN

Job Description: Will be determined on an individual basis. Dependant upon skill and willingness to participate.

Job Details: Housing is not available. Unpaid.

Faith Integration: We practice the best quality medicine that we can, enabling us to lead by example through hard work and determination.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: John Zavaro
Email: petzvet@yahoo.com
Phone: 931-486-0704
Fax: 931-486-0077
Website: www.petzvet.net



Mixed Practice Extern

Lindale Veterinary Clinic
Lindale, TX

Job Description: We are an AAHA accredited mixed practice serving Lindale and other surrounding small towns in East Texas. Our patients range from dogs, cats, horses, cattle, and goats; to the occasional llama/alpaca (the large animal case numbers fluctuate with the time of year). The practice hosts 3 veterinarians: Dr. Renee Smith- the owner and certified in canine rehabilitation; Dr. Britni Burns- general practitioner, primary large animal veterinarian in the clinic; and Dr. Chuck Lay- performs orthopedic and scoping procedures, as well as working as a general practitioner. We are equipped with an in-house IDEXX lab, digital x-ray, rigid and flexible scopes, ultrasound, small animal water treadmill, surgical laser, and rehab laser. Externs will be included in medical, surgical, and farm call cases as their knowledge and skill level allow.

Job Details: Unpaid position and no housing is available.

Faith Integration: We strive to show our Christian values by example, treating our clients, patients, and staff with respect, compassion, and honesty. The clinic owners want to pour the joy of Christ into each staff member, in the hope that it helps all of us to know Christ a little more. As such, we have started a devotional sent out over group message and are seeking other ways to meet that goal.

Contact Information: 
Contact Name: Britni Burns
Email: bburns@lindalevetclinic.com
Phone: 903-882-3188 (clinic number)
Website: www.lindalevet.com


Small Animal/Equine Extern

Veterinary Hospital of New Waverly
New Waverly, TX

Job Description: We are located about 50 miles east of Texas A&M Univeristy, and 45 miles north of Houston. We practice in a rural setting. We have 1 small animal vet, 1 equine vet, and 1 relief vet that does some mixed animal as well. Our equine vet has an MS in equine reproduction- including embryo transfers, semen shipping, etc. We have a staff of 10 amazing people: 3 RVTs, 1 level II CVA, 4 level I CVAs, and 1-2 high school volunteers doing CVA externships at any given time. We are a technician driven clinic.

Job Details: Unpaid position and no housing is available.

Faith Integration: We have been known to have conversations with both clients and staff of God's grace and mercy, have been known to pray with both clients and staff, prayer request board used during meetings, in the past, had Bible study/book reading fellowship.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Kim VanWagner
Email: vhnwstaff@txun.net
Phone: 936-344-8469
Website: www.vethospitalnewwaverly.com


Small Animal Extern

Egret Bay Veterinary Hospital
League City, TX

Job Description: To learn how to put your faith into action in the veterinary field. To shadow Christian veterinarians and staff. To participate in ministering not only to the animals, but also the clients. To learn to be bold to offer prayer and a listening ear when prompted by the Holy Spirit. To learn the discipline of consulting the Lord in every decision business, medical or other. To learn excellence in medicine and service.

Job Details: Unpaid position and housing is available.

Faith Integration: We pray at the beginning of every work day. We offer prayer to our clients if the opportunity arises. We are open to share the Good News of Christ's redemption at any time.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Jacqueline Marcoux
Email: egretbayvethosp@comcast.net
Phone: 832-632-1595


Small Animal Extern

Swann Animal Clinic
Amarillo, TX

Job Description: Swann Animal Clinic is an AAHA-accredited small animal hospital with 8 doctors and 2 locations in Amarillo, TX. We are truly 1 clinic with 2 locations (45th and Hillside). SAC is a technician-driven practice with highly skilled and efficient support staff, in-house laboratory, digital radiographs, ultrasound, cryotherapy, tonometry, and video otoscope. The doctors are very collaborative on cases, and we strive to build each other up at all times. Our mission is exceeding client expectations, and we endeavor to be extraordinary in every aspect of practice. Hours are 7 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday and 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. We encourage externs to spend time at each location, engage with doctors on cases, and improve on basic technical skills for a well-rounded experience.

Job Details: $400 stipend.  Housing options may be available.  

Faith Integration: All of the doctors are open about their faith and externs are welcome to attend church with us. Our ministry is mainly focused on sharing the love of Christ with our staff and building them up.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Kellie Dodson
Email: kellie@amarillovet.com
Phone: 806-355-9443
Website: amarillovet.com


Small Animal Extern

Avery Ranch Animal Hospital
Cedar Park, TX

Job Description: Three-doctor, state-of-the-art small animal hospital in North Austin/Cedar Park. Radiologist and boarded surgeon regularly on site.

Job Details: No housing available. Unpaid externship.

Faith Integration: Ministry strategy involves Dr. Skupin's short-term misison trips to Northern India.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Tim Skupin, DVM
Email: tjskupin@yahoo.com
Phone: 512-255-1388
Website: averyranchvet.com


Small Animal Extern

Bowen Road Animal Clinic
Arlington, TX

Job Description: We are a busy 2-doctor general practice offering experience in advanced diagnostics and surgery. We routinely use our full in-house laboratory, abdominal and cardiac ultrasound, surgical and therapy laser, dental radiography, and other equipment. Our practice philosophy is, "if you don't look, you won't find." We strive to practice the highest quality medicine possible in a general practice setting. In addition, we have both surgical and internal medicine specialists who come in for mobile work. We are in the midst of a major expansion, building a new facility just down the street from our current location where we will be known as the Arlington Veterinary Center.

Job Details: Students will be encouraged to participate in case approach and diagnosis, with hands-on experience as appropriate for 4th year stuednts.

Faith Integration: We minister to our clients through addressing their needs on an individual basis. Many of our clients have been with us for years and are like an extended family.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: W. Gordon Smyth, DVM
Email: contact@bowenroadanimalclinic.com
Phone: 817-861-1763
Website: arlingtonvet.com


Small Animal Extern

Acton Animal Hospital
Granbury, TX

Job Description: Acton Animal Hospital is a 2.5 doctor, small animal clinic located in Granbury TX approximately 30 minutes from Ft Worth. We have small town feel but still close to the big city. Our mission at Acton Animal Hospital is to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care to our patients while providing our clients with education and assistance in all aspects of animal care and ownership. We strive to offer care tailored to our patient’s and client’s needs.

We except veterinary students in all years. Externs would be expected to work Monday through Saturday during business hours.  Monday and Friday we are open 7:30 to 7 pm, Tuesday through Thursday we are open 7:30 to 5:30 pm, and Saturday we are open 8 to 2 pm.  Externs are expected to think like a doctor. This means you will do exams, come up with a problem list and a treatment plan. We are here to oversee that plan and guide you on the correct path. We do surgery daily and expect students to be a part of surgeries and anesthesia.

Job Details: Housing is variable. We do have room at our house unless family is in town. Unpaid externship. We expect all students to bring a good work ethic and be willing to be flexible. In return we will allow students to see the management of a clinic. We expect them to come with an open mind and a willingness to work.  (Colossians 3 – Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.)

Faith Integration: We believe that excellent client service has biblical basis. (1 Peter 4:10 As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.) By serving others based on biblical values we are showing a Christ like image to our clients. This shows in how we deal with the team, how we deal with vendors, and how with deal with clients.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Richard Gesell, DVM
Email: richardgeselldvm@gmail.com
Phone: 817-326-3400
Website: actonanimalhospitaltx.com


Small Animal / Exotic Extern

Zoot Pet Hospital
Georgetown, TX

Job Description: Come see “the hospital that God built” and join our busy practice on the outskirts of Austin. We offer a Christian environment with six doctors each having specific interests in orthopedics, internal medicine, feline medicine, exotic pet medicine, and ultrasound. We practice only the highest quality medicine and surgery in our award winning, AHAA, ten-year-old practice. Additionally, we have experienced and highly trained staff - from customer service representatives to veterinary technicians. Our hospital includes digital radiology, digital dental radiology, ultrasound, a full in-house lab, and full surgical capabilities. See more information about our practice at: www.zootpets.com.

Job Details: Housing will not be available. Unpaid externship.

Faith Integration: Monday lunch Bible study for doctors, externs and others interested. Praying with clients for sick pets and euthanasias, and letting your light shine to show the love of Christ to clients and staff.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Wayne C. Zeh, DVM
Email: drz@zootpets.com
Phone: 512-864-9668
Fax: 512-864-2662


Small Animal Extern

Highland Park Animal Hospital
Dallas, TX 75205

Job Description: Small animal hospital in Dallas welcomes enthusiastic students for externship. Great mentoring and support staff. Practice endoscopy, ultrasound, dentistry, orthopedics and soft tissue surgery. This position provides a great well-rounded experience with the opportunity to focus heavily on surgery. Housing available.

Job Details: Housing may be available.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: John Vandermeer
Email: hpac456@yahoo.com
Phone: 214-252-0800
Fax: 214-821-3011


Small Animal Extern

Brushy Creek Veterinary Clinic
Austin, TX 78717

Job Description: We are looking forward to hosting student externships and may be in a position to provide housing for the right individual The practice is completely small animal, has up to date equipment and is completely computerized. E-mail Dr. Naylor(info@brushycreekvetclinic.com) for more information.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Jay Naylor
Email: info@brushycreekvetclinic.com
Phone: 512-255-9725
Website: http://www.brushycreekvetclinic.com


Mixed Practice Extern

Quitman Animal Clinic
Quitman, TX

Job Description: This is a mixed practice (75% small animal, 15% bovine, 15% equine, 5% small ruminant) with four doctors. We do a variety of procedures daily. There is an ultrasound, digital radiography, and laser therapy. We practice routine and emergency medicine.  Students are encouraged to participate fully with patient care and diagnosis. We try to cater to each student's interests while providing a well rounded experience. Externship is primarily for 3rd and 4th year veterinary students. 

Faith Integration: We all try to incorporate our faith daily by the way we interact with staff and clients. We try to show students how to deal with difficult situations and live to their morals and ethics within veterinary medicine.

Job Details: Housing available. 

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Linda Rimmer
Email: info@quitmannanimalclinic.net 
Phone: 903-763-2315
Fax: 903-967-2311
Website: www.quitmananimalclinic.net


Equine Extern

Reata Equine Hospital
Weatherford, TX

Job Description: Reata Equine allows externs to gain clinical experience through hands-on assistance and discussion. Externs must be willing to be involved in all aspects of the practice and have a positive attitude. Internship available.

Faith Integration: We have Bible study in the practice office every Monday morning for staff, students, visitors, clients- all are welcome.

Job Details: Housing available. Unpaid.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Justin High, DVM
Email: linda@reataequinehospital.com
Phone: 817-599-9635
Fax: 817-598-0262
Website: www.reataequinehospital.com

Mixed Animal Practice

Shelby Veterinary Associates
Center, TX

Job Description: Learn from discussion and hands-on training.

Faith Integration: We provide a Christian environment for staff and clients.

Job Details: Housing is possibly available. Position is paid.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Mark Jousan, DVM
Email: shelbyvets@yahoo.com
Phone: 936-598-3423
Fax: 936-598-6839
Website: www.shelbyvets.com

Small Animal Practice

Pet Doctor
Rockwall, TX

Job Description: Pet Doctor is a busy small animal practice in a rapidly growing Dallas Suburb. We are seeking students who want to see what private practice is like in the real world. Externs will be exposed to all aspects of practice; including surgery, medicine, diagnostics, and business management. The owner, Dr. Keith Webb is an author and former veterinary consultant. 

Faith Integration: Day-to-day interactions with staff, our philosophy is to show by example. We exemplify Christ's love for people.

Job Details: Housing is possibly available with host family. Position is unpaid.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. Keith Webb
Email: drkeithwebb@gmail.com
Phone: 972-772-7777
Fax: 972-772-8530
Website: http://dogandcat.com




Feline Practice Extern

Affectionately Cats Feline Veterinary Hospital
Williston, VT

Job Description: Focus on internal medicine and dental care. Extern woud be responsible for full care of a patient with oversight by attending DVM. 

Faith Integration: I am the sole owner and hire Christian and non-Christian employees and I watch for opportunities to share my purpose for living.  I believe that God brings each person into my practice for a specific purpose in drawing them closer to him.  I need to watch and be ready.

Job Details: Housing available. Full 2 week externship. (Unpaid always available; sometimes paid is available.)

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. Denise Kessler
Email: affectionatelycats@yahoo.com
Phone: 802-598-6267 (cell)
Fax: 802-860-2297
Website: http://www.affectionatelycats.com



Small Animal/Exotic Extern

Claws & Paws Animal Care
Powhatan, VA

Job Description: Patient exams, vaccinations, assist in surgeries, case workups, and patient care all aspects.  Looking for students willing to learn, work and get involved with cases and interact in a positive way with staff.

Faith Integration: Pray with clients in difficult times, openly profess faith, servant attitude toward clients, helping hands fund for clients with financial inability to cover vet cost.

Job Details: Housing may be available, but is not guaranteed. Unpaid.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Patricia S. Morgan
Email: trishamorgan92@gmail.com
Phone: 804-598-8030
Fax: 804-598-0645


Small Animal Practice

Commonwealth Veterinary Clinic, PC
Waynesboro, VA

Job Description: We are a 3 doctor small animal practice that provides veterinary services for dogs, cats, and an occasional small ruminant or pot-bellied pig. We do almost all of our large animal work on farm (ambulatory) as we do not have a haul-in facility. Our small animal hospital is AAHA accredited and we employ 4 licensed veterinary technicians. We like to allow students to observe us for a few days and then we allow them to work according to their skill level. Everyone at the clinif enjoys having and teaching students.

Faith Integration: We integrate our faith in the way we conduct ourselves. Most of our staff are born-again believers and those who are not know that we are. We openly discuss our faith with anyone who wants to hear - but we are careful and gentle in our approach. I can't say that we have a true strategy for ministry - but we pray for our employees who do not know Christ and try to live in a way that reflects Him.

Job Details: Housing available. Unpaid.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Spencer Nice, DVM
Email: commonwealthvetclinic@gmail.com
Phone: 540-942-9777


Small Animal Extern

King's Mountain Animal Clinic, Inc.
Collinsville, VA
Job Description: Participate in all aspects of diagnosis, treatment, and surgery in a busy, 6 doctor practice run by National Veterinary Associates. Must be student of AVMA accredited school of either veterinary medicine or vet technology. We will take either vet studies or vet technician studies.

Faith Integration: We integrate our faith by looking for opportunities to share our faith in Jesus Christ with clients whenever possible.

Job Details: Housing available. We can only take students from accredited schools.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Joseph A. May, DVM
Email: jmaydoc@hotmail.com
Phone: 276-647-3714
Fax: 276-647-1958
Website: kingsmountainac.com



Mixed Practice Extern

Northwest Veterinary Clinic of Stanwood
Stanwood, WA

Job Description: Northwest Veterinary Clinic of Stanwood is a 7 doctor practice that offers routine and emergency care for companion animals, food animals, equine and exotic animals.  We have 3 mobile veterinary units for large animal and equine farm calls.  During these calls students will be able to participate in dairy herd checks, wellness exams, routine sick animal examinations, minor surgeries, colic exam and treatment, alpaca repro work, and check in on the occasional sick wallaby.  In the clinic students will also participate in the daily work load at a level commensurate with their interest and training.  The doctors and technicians will work with them side by side in the treatment area, surgery and exam rooms.  The student will be expected to share with the staff their insights and knowledge they have gained while in veterinary school about the cases currently in the hospital. While they are there each student will be asked to make a presentation at a scheduled staff meeting on a topic or case of their choice.

Faith Integration: Although there is no strategy for integrating my faith within the daily activities of the clinic, I try to model my Christian faith through my actions with clients and with the staff.  We do have a mix of Christian and non Christian veterinarians and staff.  As the managing partner of our clinic, my goal is to offer a practice which successfully combines differing religious views to provide quality care in a warm, caring environment where all staff also care for one another.

Job Details: Housing available. Unpaid.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. Daniel Haskins
Email: nwvetstanwood@gmail.com
Phone: 360-629-4571
Fax: 360-629-4641
Website: www.nwvetstanwood.com



Mixed Practice Extern

Brodhead Vet Medical Center
Brodhead, WI 53520

Job Description: Observe, assist, perform typical vet med duties.

Faith Integration: We share our missions experiences with our clients and emphasize good attitude, integrity, and good client relations.

Job Details: Housing available. Mixed, 35% dairy, 10% equine, 55% small animal

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. Phil Frost or Dr. Ray Pawlisch
Email: pfrost@brodheadvets.com & rpawlisch@brodheadvets.com
Phone: 608-897-8632(W)
Fax: 608-897-2321
Website: http://www.brodheadvets.com


Mixed Practice Extern

Willow Animal Hospital
Ashland, WI 54806

Job Description: We are a small, 3 doctor thriving practice in the scenic northwoods of Wisconsin. We work with all types of animals, large and small.

Job Details: Doctorate preferred.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Steven Meyer
Email: stevemeyervet@gmail.com
Phone: 715-682-0362


Dairy Practice Extern

Central Wisconsin Ag Services
Alma Center, WI

Job Description: This practice is 100% dairy. The practice model is a little different than most externs will encounter. We are not just a team of veterinarians, we also have two dairy nutritionists on staff as well as other staff that support the local farming community. We have a well established extern program and would be more than happy to host students.

Job Details: Unpaid position. Housing available.

Faith Integration: Showing Christ’s love through every day life. The environment of the practice is composed of non-believers and Christians.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Andrew Martin
Email: andrew@cwagservices.com
Phone: 847-873-9045
Website: http://www.cwagservices.com